Surprising Shrug

The apple peel shape of the shrug, small enough to squeeze into my handbag.

The apple peel shape of the shrug, small enough to squeeze into my handbag.

Last year I bought some cheap stretch fabric to learn how to drape this kind of fabric on a tailor’s dummy and to create my own dress patterns.
Initially I really didn’t like the look of the fabric but it kind of grew on me after working with it for a while. I have now used it to make a shrug which I absolutely love: it is tiny to pack, doesn’t crease, is versatile and the perfect cover up to squeeze in my handbag when I can’t quite trust the weather (i.e. most days here in Scotland!)


A handy cover up …

It is also easy to make even without an overlocker. Most sewing machines have a range of stitches with some of them just right for this kind of fabric. I had to be patient and try out quite a few of them on scraps of my fabric but finally decided to use a zigzag stitch for the connecting seams and a straight stitch with a twin needle for the finishing seams. Cutting all pieces with a rotary cutter makes the shrug look pretty professional.


Image from Tomoko Nakamichi’s Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics book

I’m going to make another shrug from a lace print on grey background next, something a little bit more subtle! I’ll also run workshops on how to make this fantastic addition to anyone’s wardrobe at Materialise ( in Edinburgh.
The pattern is based on the ‘Apple Peel; design of Tomoko Nakamichi (Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics) and is an easy introduction to working with a simple pattern and stretch/ knit fabrics.


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