Obi Belts

With more of my workshops coming up at sewing café Materialise in Edinburgh ( I am designing and trying out a lot of new things so that participants can benefit from it.

My latest addition has been an Obi belt. I’m so glad big belts are back in fashion. I owned a bright red one that I wore ‘all the time’ when I was younger. Absolutely loved it … but then I still had a waist to show off!

A few ideas for the Obi Belt designs

A few ideas for the Obi Belt designs

Never mind my expanding waistline though, I drew a few ideas and decided to make a rather complicated one! Red again, with two fabrics this time.

Finally the sun had come out and there I was with my sewing machine in the garden. Bliss. I was on a roll and unfortunately forgot to make an opening for the end to slip through. Oops, so sadly that had to be amended. Creatively. Not the best solution but that’ll teach me to stop and think.

The final result

The final result

I still really like the belt and am now thinking of trying the other designs too so that participants of the workshops have more choice of patterns to make depending on their sewing abilities. Also, all belts could be made reversible for more fab wearing options. You know what they say: ‘You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes…’ I think that’s the same for belts!?


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