The big question: What is my blog going to be about?


I’ve recently left my job of 20 years with NHS Lothian and am now trying to decide what I want to do in future. I’ve already worked as a part-time artist for the last 10 years, making artists’ books, paper shoes, taking photographs, writing bits and pieces, combining all of the above…



I’m of course generally interested in art (mostly visual art) and what other artists are working on out there, planning to put up information about their art work. I’ll also plan on showing some of my own work and see how that develops over time.



One direction I’m interested in is working with textiles, something I did years and years ago when I lived in Germany and designed and made clothes for a boutique. So, fashion related stuff is definitely going to be found on the blog.


Other stuff

The ‘’other stuff’ could be anything else that I find funny, interesting or that catches my eye and imagination in some way. Probably stories and images about diving, extreme sports, gadgets, things I get involved with, like making an outdoor sculpture from old airplane fuel tanks (as you do!) and, and, and, …


Hope you’ll enjoy the mix and looking forward to your comments,


Isabell xxx



You can also get in touch on 0775 164 9161 or email me on isabuenz@hotmail.com

To see my current work you can go to:







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